Tree Falling onto Roof Before, During & After

Recently, a homeowner in Murray had the unfortunate happen when a wind storm knocked over a very large tree onto their home. As you can imagine, it caused some serious structural damage to the home, and the roof needed to be fully replaced.

Five Point Restoration was called out, and we took care of everything from start to finish. From preparing the home to be fixed, to the demolition, and removal of the roof. To the installation of the roof; interior drywall, and paint and fixing anything in the home that needed to be repaired along this way. Although this short video doesn’t show everything that we did, we are able to take care of large jobs such as this, as well as the small jobs that you need help with.

If your home has a problem, call us we can fix it, from the beginning of the problem to the end of the solution, we are here for you. Call us at 801-566-1577.

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