Five Point Restoration partnered with Contractor Connection & the American Red Cross to provide and install smoke alarms (that were donated graciously by Home Depot) throughout lower income neighborhoods in the Salt Lake Valley. We also were able to educate these residents on the importance of having a fire emergency plan and how to maintain the smoke alarms.

At one point we met an elderly woman who allowed us to install some smoke alarms in her home and discuss her fire emergency plan. Afterwards, she walked us across the street to the home of her son to install smoke alarms as well. Neither of them had smoke alarms in their homes and hadn’t really thought of any fire emergency plan.

Another woman we met had just bought a home here in Utah with her husband. She spoke little English but had mentioned that since purchasing their home and moving to Utah, they had discussed the need for smoke alarms in their home. The home didn’t have any at all, and they hadn’t gotten around to buying or installing any. We just happened to show up that day with smoke alarms. She was very happy and extremely grateful.

We were so happy to be able to provide this service to the community with the help of Contractor Connection, the American Red Cross and Home Depot and hope that our efforts in the community will help those in need in the future, as well as helping others have a fire emergency plan.

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