Water Damage

At Five Point Restoration, the most common reason property owners reach out to us for help is water damage. Water damage is usually caused by a plumbing failure; either from the pipes that bring water into the property or the drain lines that carry excess water away. Age, corrosion, material imperfections, or even temperature change can allow water to escape the plumbing system with devastating results. Left unchecked, water damage will destroy drywall, flooring, and even structural elements like subfloors and framing. Even worse, unchecked moisture creates an unhealthy environment where mold spores can settle and replicate. The additional costs and health issues that stem from mold can be easily avoided by responding to the discovery of water damage rapidly and competently.


Our Five Point Restoration technicians are trained to quickly arrive and pinpoint the source, identify the extent of the damage, and solve the problem. We have all the newest instruments for diagnosing the cause and extent of water damage, and the right equipment to dry it all out. We will also apply an anti-microbial germicide to the affected area to ensure that mold doesn’t become a problem down the road.


If you have discovered water damage, let Five Point Restoration dry it out for you swiftly and professionally.

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