Fire Damage

Whether it comes from a nearby wildfire, a tipped over candle, or a even just a bag of popcorn left in the microwave too long; it is difficult to understate the adverse affects that smoke and fire can have on your home or workspace.

The great difficulty in dealing with smoke and fire damage is that there are so many variables that affect a property and create different types of damage, each one requiring unique and specialized clean up. The type of material consumed, the amount of oxygen available for the fire and how long and hot the fire burned for can have a major affect on how an area should be treated.  Ash and soot can range from fine grayish powder to a greasy black smear. It can go higher or lower on walls depending on the volume of smoke and the heat of the flame. It can cover contents and building materials alike and modern ventilation systems can transport contamination to areas otherwise unaffected by smoke or flame. Acids contained in soot and smoke can stick to surfaces and will permanently etch wood and glass if they are not neutralized. Drywall can be permanently stained.  Metal fixtures will quickly pit and corrode if left untreated.

Even if there is no visible signs of soot or ash left in a room, tiny odor molecules can be forced into the walls by heat.  Odors that will disappear and reappear with every change in the room temperature…unless they are exposed and neutralized.

Five Point Restoration has the specialized tools to solve these problems and the experience to know which treatment plan is likely to provide the most effective results for your property. And our status as an IICRC approved smoke and fire restoration company lets you know we can be trusted to care for your damaged possessions.

We will asses the extent of the damage, identify the type of contamination, and treat it effectively. If smoke or fire has damaged your property, call Five Point Restoration. You’ll be glad you did.

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