Decontamination of Chemically contaminated properties.

Homes contaminated by methamphetamine can pose serious health and safety risks to both residents and neighbors. The chemicals used in the manufacturing process and in general use are highly corrosive and invasive; these dangerous chemicals linger and are detected in houses years after initial contamination.

With an ever-growing number of properties in Utah being contaminated by methamphetamine, Five Point Restoration has developed a decontamination program to address this issue. Our Decontamination Specialists follow national, state and local regulations and are certified to clean and restore safe living conditions to any residence that has been contaminated.

We don’t stop until the property is clean, and all our jobs are cleared by governmental inspectors from the health department. For your peace of mind, we provide you with a written affidavit and testing results provided by an independent testing facility as evidence of successful decontamination. We know that dealing with methamphetamine contaminated properties can be a stressful and potentially dangerous situation. The Decontamination Specialists at Five Point Restoration can help ease that burden and restore a healthy living condition to your property.