Blowin’ in the Wind…

Have you ever heard the exclamation “It blew through town like a bad wind”?  There is a reason that phrase is used, and at Five Point Restoration, we have seen the results.  Wind is an unpredictable destroyer that can have wide ranging and catastrophic effects on personal property.  It can knock over trees, fences, and even pull down smaller structures like carports and storage sheds.  Wind regularly damages roofing materials and vinyl or aluminum siding.

With the recent storms we have had in Utah, the damage caused by wind has left some homes with damage to their property. From a few shingles blowing off the roof, to trees falling into homes, it’s something you want to be certain it’s repaired completely. At Five Point Restoration, we can send someone to your home to assess the damage and get your home back to where it was, so you can have peace of mind you won’t have any further problems or damage to your property.

The wind is pretty crazy today! Gusts up to 75 MPH in some areas. This may cause some damage to siding and roofs or other property damage. Take precautions to tie things down or move them to sheds & garages. If you do have any damage to your home, give us a call. We can come to your home and give you a free estimate on what it would take to fix it. Stay safe everyone! #utwx #utahweather #wind #winddamage #bobdylan #blowininthewind #fivepointrestoration #fivepointconstruction #utah #restoration #construction #igutah #utahgram #saltlakecity #slc #ogden #provo #801 #435 #ut #igutah #utahgram #iloveutah #utwind

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