Wind Damage

Have you ever heard the exclamation “It blew through town like a bad wind”?  There is a reason that phrase is used, and at Five Point Restoration, we have seen the results.  Wind is an unpredictable destroyer that can have wide ranging and catastrophic effects on personal property.  It can knock over trees, fences, and even pull down smaller structures like carports and storage sheds.  Wind regularly damages roofing materials and vinyl or aluminum siding.

And then there are the secondary effects. Those knocked over trees often fall directly into a home; smashing roofs, breaking windows and damaging structural supports. Damaged or missing siding and roofing can allow access points for storm water to penetrate interior ceilings and walls, adding unpleasant complications to an already difficult situation. Do you need a roofer? An arborist? Both? And who can seal up the gaping hole in your roof until needed repairs can be made?

The answer to all these questions is to call Five Point Restoration.  We will evaluate the damage and put the right people in the right places to make sure you receive the highest level of service and professionalism.  Fast and Friendly, start to finish.

You've got questions, we have answers.